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Music Tesla Coil Lightning Model Driver Board

Music Tesla Coil Lightning Model Driver Board

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Product information:

Product capacity: 200VA
Average power: 250W
Input voltage: AC 110 240V
Working current: 0.1A-2A
Size: 100*1 15* 205 mm
Weight: 1kg

Key Technical points:
Coaxial cable signal transmission
Drive arc extinguishing isolation device i
Set i meter without ground wire
220v direct power supply
20m Arc discharge distance
3.5mm audio port

Product Features:
1. Easy to use and easy to operate
2. Safe and risk-free
3. It can be directly powered on without installing a ground cable
4. No need to connect multiple power supplies, directly connect to the socket 220v, you can use
5. The arc length can be adjusted at will, up to more than 20cm
6. Small size, strong structure, easy to carry

Usage of the new model:
1. Place the thimble on the pressure equalization ring at the top, with the tip extending out of the ring
About 2-3cm is best.
2. Turn the knob counterclockwise to turn off the arc and adjust the light brightness to
Minimum, and then close the arc.
3. Connect the two ends of the optical fiber to the product body and the controller. Pay attention to the optical fiber
There is a bump on the head, do not be hard against, first rotate and then plug.
4. Connect the 220v power cable to the host and then to the 220v power cable
Socket link.
5. Finally, open the controller switch, and turn the potentiometer can be out
It's arcing.

Points to note:
★ Do not directly touch the coil or voltage equalization ring at any time after the product is energized.
★ The safety distance of the product is at least 0.5m, and 1m is recommended. On the distance to watch
★ Open or close, must ensure that the potentiometer in the 0 position.
★ The new SSTC must be installed with a thimble and then powered on. It is recommended to use the SSTC within 3-5 minutes each time, and play music within 2-3 minutes

Packing list:

Tesla coil x 1pc
Optical fiber x 1pc
Power cable x 1pc
Audio cable x 1pc
usb cable x 1pc
Controller x 1pc

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